Nathan Bell x Nike Collection

Nathan Bell x Nike Running Collection

Nike have just revealed the brand new Nathan Bell x Nike Running Collection and it’s awesome.

Below is a recap from the Nike press material.

Fun and humor is what Los Angeles-based artist Nathan Bell says he wanted to bring to his first collaboration with Nike Running. 

A run, for him, mirrors the creative process. “You experience all these constant insecurities and failures,” he says. “Love it at one point, and you could also hate it and want to throw it in the trash the next minute.”

His art takes runners through that mental rollercoaster with quirky doodles (a love-me-love-me-not flower and stop sign, for example) and phrases (such as cold air warm lungs and I can’t feel my legs) that appear on performance apparel and footwear. The graphic designs celebrate the brilliant highs and lightheartedly acknowledge the challenging lows of running — providing doses of motivation, commiseration and a little LOL when needed. 

Where to buy the Nathan Bell x Nike Running Collection?

The Nathan Bell x Nike Running Collection is available in Nike Store right now.


Eva Magill-Oliver x Nike

It’s time to take a closer look at the upcoming Eva Magill-Oliver x Nike collection.

Here are some quotes from the Nike press material

Appearing across women’s running apparel and footwear, Atlanta-based artist Eva Magill-Oliver’s earth-y, fluid brushstrokes channel plant life, the flow of water and the horizon.

“Running is the time when I can focus my ideas and decompress while connecting with nature,” she says. “I wanted my designs to demonstrate that feeling.”

The dynamic pattern is intentionally soft and bold, and serves to connect runners with the environment around them, helping to fill their mind with clarity and calmness. 

Where to buy the Eva Magill-Oliver x Nike Collection?

The Eva Magill-Oliver x Nike Collection is now available in Nike Store