Eva Magill-Oliver x Nike

It’s time to take a closer look at the upcoming Eva Magill-Oliver x Nike collection.

Here are some quotes from the Nike press material

Appearing across women’s running apparel and footwear, Atlanta-based artist Eva Magill-Oliver’s earth-y, fluid brushstrokes channel plant life, the flow of water and the horizon.

“Running is the time when I can focus my ideas and decompress while connecting with nature,” she says. “I wanted my designs to demonstrate that feeling.”

The dynamic pattern is intentionally soft and bold, and serves to connect runners with the environment around them, helping to fill their mind with clarity and calmness. 

Where to buy the Eva Magill-Oliver x Nike Collection?

The Eva Magill-Oliver x Nike Collection is now available in Nike Store

Nike Free Metcon Training Shoe

Nike Free Metcon Training Shoe

When Nike released the first pictures of the new Womens Nike Free TR Flyknit 3 they also revealed what seems to be some kind of Nike Free Metcon Training Shoe.

The new silhouette wasn’t metioned at all in the press material why we can’t give you much more info than the pictures below.

We have to wait and see whether the new silhouette is for Women, Men or a Unisex model.

We expect these new shoes to release soon in Nike Store.

First pictures of the new Nike Free Metcon Training Shoe

From the pictures below you can see that the shoes have a neopren sock a Nike Free outsole with Metcon elements as well. Flywire technology is used to improve stability and support of the foot.

The heel tab is equiped with a reflective detail which indicates that this shoe is not designed for indoor use only.

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Nike Free Metcon Training Shoe Nike Free Metcon Training Shoe